Barcelona's Super 5 Forwad

Barcelona is a most popular football club in the Spain. Its popularity is so higher and higher in different parts of the world. A huge number of people in different parts of world are fans of the club. Why Barcelona is most popular club in the world at present. Because their playing style will give you pleasure. They play passing football with Latin and Spanish mix. Lionel Messi is the Superstar player of Barcelona at now. They play different match as a team. Any team can stand forward of them without Real Madrid. Real Madrid is the one of the powerful challenger of Barcelona.But at present, they cannot defeat Barcelona.Pep is now Barcelona's  coach. In Forward, In Midfield or In Defensive position Barcelona's squad is fulfill. In the field, they play game with coach's instruction at every moment. They play football of 4-3-3 formation with attacking mode.At present there are so many super players  of  Barcelona. Any of Barcelona's player will give you pleasure and can change the match. There is some information about member of  Barcelona's squad players.

David Villa: Best Striker player in Spain and Barcelona. He is also Central Forward. But at present,he cannot play because his injury.

CesFabrigaus: Attacking midfielder. Plays in right-wing position.Talented and Skillful player. He was played in English club before playing Barcelona. His previous club was Arsenal. He was a captain in this club. It is said that,Fabrigaus has backed home like as son.

Lionel Messi: World most famous player. He have so many fans. He was born in Argentina. He is most successful player both of Argentina and Barcelona club. Sometimes he plays in striking position, sometimes plays in midfield ling position. But  at Barcelona he plays at left-wing position. Doing goal in every match is nature of Messi. His playing style has praised  in every media in the world.

Xavi Hernandez: Attacking midfielder. He And iniesta create passes for Messi. Xavi is considered as a good midfielder in the world as a Spain and Barcelona.

Iniesta: Iniesta is a attacking midfielder like as Xavi. He plays a creative football. Iniesta, Messi and Xavi are good friends.

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