The Game Of Cricket

The Cricket Game is one of the most popular game in the wold.Many sources said that world's 2nd entertainment sports is Cricket.The Cricket was founded in the Country of England.Todays Cricket Matches was divided by 3 divisions. Test Cricket, One Day Cricket And Twenty-Twenty Cricket.
1.Test Cricket: Test cricket played in 5 days.The two teams playing with each other each one of this team played twice in 5 days match.In shortly said in two innings which teams do more runs they win or if there is no result than the match is draw.

2.One Day Cricket: One Day cricket is a 50 over match.1 over=6 bowler can do only 6 ball in 1 over.One day matches are more entertaining than test cricket ICC is a main Administrator of cricket.

3.Twenty-Twenty Cricket: Twenty-Twenty Cricket are more entertaining the Test or one day cricket.Twenty-Twenty Cricket is only 20 over matches.Today we see Many leage matches in T-20 Cricket version.They are Ipl, Bpl, England County Cricket, Australian Domestic Cricket and Many more.

Cricket is a very Thriller kind of game.Many sources said that many weak heart person affected with cricket matches.Cricket in Asia is a Religion.There are thousand of players are records in the history of cricket.The cricket world cup held in 2 version.

1.ICC Champions Trophy. 2. Twenty-Twenty World cup.

Many people says that Cricket is Master Of all Sports.Many people did not go to the office when their supporting team playing.Many People says that Cricket is same like Baseball.But Cricket is Not same like baseball.If we look around cricket players we see that there are lots of players are record holder.Only no 1 record holder players is Sachin tendulkar.He is playing for India.INDIA'S People said that Sachin
tendulkar is a god of Cricket.

Also World's largest sports selling game is Cricket game.Todays Twenty Twenty version of Cricket is far ahead of any kinds of sports.But Cricket game is a very long hour game.Cricket takes too much time of finish one match.But people love this game very much.Many people's are watching Cricket in Tv, In ground or Many People enjoy to watch online Cricket.

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