Soccer Rules

1. The Field: A soccer pitch must be long 90 to 122 meters.And its wide 50 to 90 meters.The dimensions of goal 7.31 meters long and 2.41 meters high.International match minimum length 100 yards and maximum
length 115 or more yards.Also minimum width 45 meters and maximum width 85 0r more meters.

2. BALL: A soccer ball must be between 65 to 70 centimeters.The ball weight 400 to 460 grams.Now a days soccer ball brought a new type.

3. Players: Accordingly  Official soccer rule a team can bring 10 players and one goalkeeper.also have many substitutes on the bench in outside.In many matches 0nly 3 or 5 substitutes are allowed.

4. players dressing:  The Soccer Rules Says that Players Must wears shirt or jersey.They also wear Shin pad, Footwear,Short or long socks.When two teams face with each-other they have to use different dress up.Today we see that many sports brands sponsored jersey to their team.

5. REFEREE: There are 3 Referee in soccer match, 1 is center Referee and other 2 is assist and running each side of the field and give offside call, corner call etc.There are 1 more referee help for allowing Substitute-players.

6. Match Duration: There are 2 half times. First half is 45 min and 15 min break. 2nd half is 45 and 15 min break. total match duration is 90 min. In some cases or knockout matches or tie games there are more 30 min. 15 min first half with no break and 15 min 2nd half. if there is no result then finally they are playing plenty shootout.

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