Rugby Game

Rugby is a game that combined a full of strength.Rugby is  same as football game.Srcum is a diiferent aspect of Rugby.Srcum is a strat For playing Rugby.For Rugby match we need fileld of Rugby.

The Field of Rugby: The field length is 100 metars and its width is 70 metars. Each goal length is 22 metars and its width is 70 metars.There are lots of Markins is a Rugby pitch.Two important line is 5 metars.The 22 metars line is a parallal of a goal line.

Time: The Rugby Match have palyed 80 Minitues. Ist Half 40 min and 40 min and 5+5=10 min break and no time out.

Team: First 15 palyers are on the field and 7 substitutions. The all 15 players may run and kick or pass the ball and playing aggersively or defensively. In 15 players first 8 players forward and next 7 players back font players.

Goal: The goal system of this match is by running or kicking.Each Teams scores a more point the win the game.This goal system is different of other sports.

Score: 4 ways a Teams May score Points. When the ball is touched the ground line opponent team get 5 points.Kick trough the ball upright get 2 points. Drop kicking ball get 3 points.3 points for place kicking.

Lineout: Game restart when the ball is leaving the ground.

 These are the some rules of Rugby Game by shortly.Rugby game is a unique game.If anyone want to Play this Rugby match he might be energetic and have a good athlete. Playing Rugby is good for Health.Many doctors said that A Rugby players energy 5 times more higher than Any Common or ordinary men.Rugby Match is enjoyable and entertaining match. Fans are sitting their ground and support their team. Also Many people watch this game live in online. Many people says that Watching online Rugby matches is more enjoyable than watching in ground.Online watching Rugby game is good idea.

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